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Rivard, Alex B. 2023. "It is not me, it is you: The Emergence of Secessionist Parties in Western Democracies." Nations & Nationalism: DOI: 10.1111/nana.12948

Rivard, Alex B. and Mackenzie Lockhart. 2022. "Government Preferences, Vote Choice, and Strategic Voting in Canada." Canadian Journal or Political Science 55(3).

Bodet, Marc André, Alex B. Rivard, Véronique Boucher-Lafleur, and Catherine Lanouette. 2022. "Assembly Size and Electoral Distortion in an SMP System." Representation: 1-10.

Cutler, Fred, Alex B. Rivard, and Antony Hodgson. 2022. "Why Bother? Support for Locally Weaker Parties are Less Likely to Vote or to vote Sincerely." Canadian Journal of Political Science 55: 208-225.

Rivard, Alex B. and Eric Merkley. 2021. "What Moooves Opinion? Examining the Correlates and Dynamics of Mass Support for Supply Management in the Agriculture  Sector." Canadian Journal of Political Science 54(3): 674-695.

Rivard, Alex B. and Jocelyn McGrandle. 2020. "By-Elections in Québec: Signs of Discord, Dissatisfaction, or Simple Dialogue?" Canadian Political Science Review 14(1): 55-76.

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