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Articles and Opinion Pieces

Bodet, Marc André, Alex B. Rivard, Véronique Boucher-Lafleur, and Catherine Lanouette. 2022. "Assembly Size and Electoral Distortion in an SMP System." Representation: 1-10.

Cutler, Fred, Alex B. Rivard, and Antony Hodgson. 2022. "Why Bother? Support for Locally Weaker Parties are Less Likely to Vote or to vote Sincerely." Canadian Journal of Political Science 55: 208-225.

Rivard, Alex B. and Eric Merkley. 2021. "What Moooves Opinion? Examining the Correlates and Dynamics of Mass Support for Supply Management in the Agriculture  Sector." Canadian Journal of Political Science 54(3): 674-695.

Rivard, Alex B. and Jocelyn McGrandle. 2020. "By-Elections in Québec: Signs of Discord, Dissatisfaction, or Simple Dialogue?" Canadian Political Science Review 14(1): 55-76.

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