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Alex B. Rivard

Postdoctoral Fellow/Postdoctorant

Université de Montréal

I am a postdoctoral fellow at Université de Montréal where I'm currently working under the direction of Professor Jean-François Godbout.

I hold a PhD in political science from UBC and my research focuses on Canadian and Québec politics, micro-elections (by-elections), and secessionist movements.

I am a Québécois, amateur photographer, and lover of the New York Giants, Seattle Mariners, and Montréal Canadiens.

I can be reached--in either English or French--at

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Publications and Baseball

Research and Baseball

ballot box voting


See my publications and opinion pieces.

Baseball in Field

Baseball, PhD

Sometimes weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, interpretations of baseball data. Mostly player-specific descriptive data applying a SABRmetric lens to player performance.

Investment Chart


See a list of datasets I've built for my research purposes. Available upon request.

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